Drinks NDS

Drinks lets you experience life as a bartender. Mix, shake and stir your way through the city nightlife - as you work your way from decrepit biker bars to fancier pubs and finally classy nightclubs. Currently in development for the Nintendo DS.
Homepage www.drinks-ds.com

Producer: Marcus Ingvarsson
Graphics: Jonatan Österberg, Povel Gulin, Erik Öqvist, Monica Kreitz
Programmer: Håkan Mattsson, Andreas Svensson, Jonas Rogert
Sound: Johan Skoglund

Drinks was developed in 10 weeks in 2007 with Databox member Håkan Mattsson as Lead programmer. Håkan and Marcus traveled to Canada where they recieved the Future Play award.
Screenshots / images
Drinks More than you expected Drinks More than you expected Drinks In Game Drinks Future Play Award
Drinks Trailer Splash screen Drinks In Game