Headbanger is an arcade style music game for rockers or anyone that has ever dreamt of being a rock star. The game can be played alone or in a showdown with a friend. The battle is about head-banging to the beat and playing air-guitar to the sounds of a rock video, the videos feature bands like Refused, Morgana Lefay and The Haunted.

Producer: HÃ¥kan Mattsson
Graphics: Johan Rundkvist, Johan Skoglund
Programmer: Kristoffer Gustavsson, Mikael Karlsson
Sound: Johan Skoglund

Headbanger was finished one year earlier than Guitar Hero and featured wireless controllers. Headbanger won GGA in 2006 and then Spelfest before succumbing to Fretznice in SGA 07.
Screenshots / images
Headbanger How to Screen Headbanger Morgana Leaf Gameplay Headbanger Arcade Machine Headbanger in Super Play
Headbanger Trailer Headbanger on Swedish Television