Matica is a serious game made for the Nintendo DS directed at children between 4 and 7 years of age. The idea behind Matica was to create a game which taught children math without them realizing that what they were doing was actually things that they normally sighed at while at school. Matica is packed with fun mini-games that the player will unlock while helping friendly NPCs.

Producer: Håkan Mattsson
Graphics: Johan Rundkvist, Albertina Sparrhult
Programmer:Håkan Mattsson, Andreas Svensson

Matica was an experiment by the people at HGO to learn more about serious games and challenges in making games that teaches the player things like math and spelling without them being aware of it. Matica is still a work in progress currently stuck in its beta stage.
Screenshots / images
Matica Scenes Matica Math Problems
Matica Hit the Right Order Beta Matica Hit the Right Order Development Matica Circle Bubble