Physitive is what we’d like to call a TPPS (Third Person Problem Solver). The goal of each level is deceivingly simple: getting from the black door to the white door utilizing the world and the objects within it by using relalistic physics. Homepage

Producer: Seher Basak
Game Design: Mattias Görl
Level Design: Jona Marklund
Programmer: Håkan Mattsson, Krister Cederlund, Andreas Svensson, Ulf Benjaminsson
Graphics: Robert Sahlstedt

While working on Physitive Håkan And Jona learned how to work with projekts on a distance. Jona also learned how to create 3d levels and Håkan learned a lot about physics programming.
Screenshots / images
Physitive Love Card Physitive Tutorial Level Physitive Bridge Level Physitive Yellow Sticky Level
Physitive Trailer Physitive Tech Demo Physitive Explosion Demo