Our Roskilde was meant to be a Community-driven Massive Multiplayer Online Game which the Roskilde Festival people wanted students at HGO to produce for them in order for them to get closer to their target audience during the part of the year when the festival wasn't on going. The game was sadly not completed and is now a scraped project.

Producer: Cyrus Malekani
Graphics: Johan Rundkvist, Johan eriksson, Niklas eneqvist, Viktor Magnusson
Gamedesign::Christoffer Siren, Emil Söderholm
Programmer: Kristoffer Gustavsson, Andreas Svensson
Sound: Johan Skoglund

While working at this product the people currently in Databox Games learned alot about how to work with a client of this size.
Screenshots / images
Our Roskilde Main Menu Our Roskilde Ingame Fottage Our Roskilde Screenshot Our Roskilde Tent Building