Shopping Havoc is a shopping-cart arcade racer, the idea was that you sit in a shopping cart and lean to the left and right to move the character on the screen. The entire arcade machine was built from scratch using a heavily chopped up shopping cart on a wooden construction and when the player leaned, a joystick sent signals to a computer shifting the player to the left or right.

Producer: Tobias Källkvist, Magnus Ekroth
Graphics: Jona Marklund, Tobias Källkvist,Rickard Jonasson
Programmer: Johan Norberg, Christoffer Södergren, Magnus Ekroth
Sound: Johan Norberg

Although the game didn't get any awards during GGA of 2007 it's still the machine that most people attending still remembers to this day.
Screenshots / images
Shopping Havoc Screenshot Shopping Havoc Screenshot Shopping Havoc Arcade Machine With Creator Shopping Havoc Physical Cart